Saturday, July 17, 2010

To blog or not to blog... that is the question!

So my blogging hasn't gone too well so far! Being lazy and un-motivated hasn't help either! I'd like to say I live a fabulous busy life and never have time, but that's a lie. I have the time it's just not how I've chosen to spend it. Then I feel the guilt... ah guilt and think maybe I should just delete this page all together. Then I have surge of regret and think no I will do it! So here I am today, still un decided but here are some restaurant reviews to keep anyone that may be silly enough to stubble upon this something to read!

Shine Cafe - - 1548 Fort Street

We've been here twice for Sunday brunch now and it's one of those popular Sunday spots that's just a little less busy then the rest (plus free parking outside score!) that you can get in without waiting hours! There is a large selection of all day breakfast including a huge selection of bennys! My favourite Sunday brunch meal! What I love about this place is all the options, they have a variety of benny sauces and some awesome toppings! I can't remember right now which one I had last time but it was yummy! But my only let down were the hashbrowns, they were good don't get me wrong but this is one of my favourite things and I get a little picky! I liked that they were chunks of potato because I am not into that shredded stuff! I love my hashbrowns fried to an unhealthy crispy level so these could have used more crips, but the over herbing I found too much. I love rosemary and other herbs on my potatoes but something about the strong level used on the ones here was just not appealing to me. But otherwise an awesome meal with great service and veggie options, I will be back!!

Foo Asian Street Food - - 769 Yates Street

I checked out Foo for the 3rd time last week. They don't have a large selection of veggie main options but I do appreciate the fact that their menu states anything can be modified to be veggie. Just the fact that restaurants put the effort to say that on a menu makes me happy. It keeps me from being intimidated to ask. The first time I ate there I had the Thai Red Curry, it was good, really good... but amazing, mind blowing, can't wait to have it again? No. The next time we tried the Green Papaya salad, Paneer Cheese Dumplings and the Pad Thai with tofu. The dumplings blew me away! They were flavourful balls of deep fried goodness in the most amazing sauce that made me want to lick the container clean! The salad was awesome, so fresh and flavourful. This is something I've had in Thailand and I've been looking for a decent version ever since and I've found it here. I was so delighted with my starters I waited to try the Pad Thai... luckily I did because this turned out to be one big mess. It was way too over powered by Tamarid which was so off putting. The tofu and veg in it was enjoyable and I appreciated the fact that they used a different type of tofu compared to the firm type that normally comes in these dishes. But I will never try this again!
Last week we went and enjoyed the patio before a movie. I was excited to try some of their specials but was let down to see that only 1 of the 3 posted on their Facebook page was offered and two others were up in their place. All meat except one salad. So I tried the Chop Chop salad special and the Crispy Pakoras. The salad was good, not amazing but pretty darn good. The pakoras were super flavourful with huge chunks of veg almost liked an Indian version of tempura. It was really different and tasty I liked them a lot! The biggest let down though was the onion chutney that came with it, again way too strong with the Tamarind I couldn't handle it. Someone in that kitchen needs to calm it down with that flavour! Or maybe it's just not my taste? Anyways I would go here over Noodle Box any day! Especially after the last time where I found multiple chunks of chicken in my tofu box... not cool Noodle Box your standards have gone down!

Ok that's all I can think of for now and I think we can all agree I've done more then enough blogging for one day to make up for my absence? Let's see where it goes from here!!

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