Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New blog title

I am trying to think of a new title for this blog as I feel it will evolve into something else if I am going to keep it up. I just can't think of anything catchy or meaningful. I want it to be clever so when someone see it they go "Oh isn't she clever!" Maybe that's asking too much? I'll think of something in the middle of the night...

I finally went through all my clothes today and was able to let go of 4 bags full!! I get too attached to inanimate objects, and sometimes I feel like clothes are memories. But they are bulky memories that you can't really display anymore, except on yourself but they are either too worn out or don't fit. So what happens to them then? I do have a container under my bed with a few pieces of "memory clothes", but the problem is I'm too scared of the spiders to go under my bed to look at them. The only thing I remember that's in there is a hoodie from the musical I was in in Jr High and a Hawaiian shirt from my first trip there. So how important are the other things? Even though I can't remember them now I know I will be happy to see them, plus I have a bad memory so it's not their fault.

I am happy to report I threw out my old nasty Roxy shoes today! We had some good times together, and I remembered how cute they once were. But 2 years is enough....

I also finally put away our Easter baskets today. Yes I am that lazy, and there was still chocolate left in mine.. none of the good stuff though that's why it was still there. Some things are so easy to put away, all I had to do was take the chocolate out and then open a door and put them in the closet. It was so easy, but why did it take me so many months? It would eventually get to the point where why put it away because it's almost Easter again. Now that's ridiculous!

I'd better now go do something with that chocolate so it isn't lying on the table for months instead of the basket... I feel like I need a candy dish or something old lady like that. I have the craving to go to an antique or thrift store to find an awesomely awesome one. But we'll see... I haven't actually started any essential cleaning... like the bathroom and the floors. Those are gross though I know I'll feel better once they are done.

This is me procrastinating... please leave any new title suggestions! :)

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