Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Keg, not a vegetarians first dining choice!

http://www.kegsteakhouse.com/en/ - 3940 Quadra Street

Well I went to the place that is every vegetarian's nightmare, The Keg! It was my fiances dad's birthday and I don't like to be one of those vegetarians that make a fuss about where we're eating based on my dietary restrictions. If I am paying for the meal I am pickier, but if the meal is free hopefully there is something I can find! I am a Pesco-vegetarian (I eat some fish) so I knew I wouldn't have to stick to a boring un-inspired salad option which is usually an after thought at a restaurant like this. We started with the Tempura Snap Peas and Asparagus which were nice and crispy, though a little low on the asparagus for my liking! The dipping sauce it came with was a tasty soy sauce blend. I also couldn't resist the free, fresh out of the oven bread that came to the table, very tasty!! For my main I had the Mustard Dill Salmon and I substituted the garlic mash potatoes instead of the rice pilaf. It also came with 5 tiny pieces of asparagus. They were cooked well but had some sort of Montreal steak spice on them which I found odd as it was just big chunks of salt and spice on thin asparagus. The garlic mash was ok, nothing as good as what my fiance could make. The salmon was a disapointing. It said it was baked but it seemed more like it was steamed or poached as it wasn't crispy and seemed mushy. It didn't have any flavour and the mustard dill sauce on top didn't help as it was congealing and had even less flavour then the salmon. My fiance had a side of Chipotle Mac and Cheese which had a nice crust on the top but inside had no flavour besides a weird off putting hint of chipotle. If you are going to use chipotle you need to go for it, this was just bland. Overall not the worst meal ever but for the prices they charge I think they could have done better. I know seafood isn't their specialty but I wish restaurants wouldn't put options on the menu if they're just an after thought. Everyone else enjoyed their steaks so at least they were getting right what they are known for! The Black Forest Cake we got from Lighthouse bakery for dessert made up for everything else though!!

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