Saturday, July 31, 2010

His name is Pedro

The Pink Palomino that is... a few people may know where this is from. My mom's friend Lydia and I made a story called The Pink Palomino. She wrote it and I did the illustrations. I can't remember how old I was, but I know I had different coloured felt pens and I was super excited about that! She had it bound into a book and gave it to me for Christmas two years ago, it was so awesome to see it again. I started thinking about it last night so when I couldn't sleep I came out and pulled it out to look at it. So that's where the new name came from! Pretty random, but there's where this blog is heading!

Been feeling sick the past few days. My throat is better but my nose is so stuffed up nothing will come out and I keep getting sinus headaches which sucks. I hate summer colds, yet at the same time it gives me an excuse to hide away inside. I haven't done much with my week off but that's ok. We had a busy weekend and I finally finished cleaning the house yesterday and that was the main goal.

Not looking forward to going back to work though, after having a bunch of time off I just feel like I never want to go back. I wish I could find a way of making money without doing anything.. isn't that everyones dream? Maybe I'd get bored eventually, or maybe I'd start enriching my life with all the things I always wanted to do. I didn't really do that last summer though when I had time off. I just wish I had more energy sometimes, I feel like there's all these things I want to do but sometimes the thought of going out and doing them is too much so instead I just waste time on the computer or watching tv.

Jersey Shore started again last night.... last time I said I'd never watch it, but who am I kidding? I'm a reality show whore for the most part. So now I must watch the new season. I'm also making James download Kourtney and Khloe in Miami for me... damn those Khardashians... they make me laugh. I don't watch The Bachelor or Survivor which is kind of surprising... though if I sat down and started watching I'm sure I'd be hooked again. We're also watching Big Brother... i used to be so obsessed with that show that I'd watch the live feeds... now they make you pay so forget that! That's a line I won't cross! Rachel Zoe starts in a few days and James is way too excited about it... I think I've created a monster! :)

We're going to go up to the hospital and visit his mom later. She seems to be doing good but it sucks to be in a hospital either way so I suggested we bring up a game to play. We'll have to find some yahtzee later.

Here's a picture because this blog needs pictures. James still has to show me a better way to do this:

That's my "I'm sick soup" and we even had goldfish to put in! They were pizza and parmesan flavoured so not as good as the original but worked. It looks kind of gross close up though...

Oh and here's Pedro!

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