Friday, July 30, 2010

Chikara Sushi

"Victoria's Famous Sushi" - 280-2950 Douglas Street

Well I'm not sure if their slogan is right, but it's one of my favorite sushi spots! It may not be the best sushi in town, but it's also not the worst! I like going here because it's close to home and has good parking (I hate difficult parking, i am a baby when it comes to parallel). Yes these things don't make for a good restaurant but they certainly help in a city I'm becoming more and more annoyed with everyday.
I like that they have private booths, it's fun to hide inside and not have people stare at you when eating (this is a phobia of mine). The servers are always friendly and know us, but don't acknowledge it in an embarrassing way which I appreciate.
I also love that you can get a bento box anytime of day, usually this is only offered at lunch and I've never seen a place with as many choices as well. I love getting a little meal in a box where everything is separated... I also hate when my food touches other food so this is perfect for me! The food is always good, service fast and prices right! That's why we keep going back.
This is also the first Japanese restaurant I took James to and he has loved it ever since! They also have probably the best yam rolls!
Now if only they had steak sauce for rice....

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