Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lady Marmalade
608 Johnson Street

Today James and I went for brunch @ Lady Marmalade. This is probably my 4th time there and James' 2nd. It was packed and we were told the kitchen was backed up so it would take over 30 minutes. Considering it was Sunday and anywhere else would be just as busy or we'd still have to line up to get in we decided to wait. On previous visits I have had the Spicy "Blasted" Wild Pacific Salmon sandwich and that was awesome, something I was craving again this visit but decided I needed to try something new. Another time I tried their French Toast daily special I think it was chocolate and raspberry, it was bread pudding style which was different. I found it a little too much for a breakfast item, though I usually crave salt over sweet. This visit I decided I had to try a benny. I had the Roasted Vegetables and Aged White Cheddar benny which came with hashbrowns and a small salad. The salad was just simple fresh greens and cabbage with an asian soy dressing that was really good. I couldn't quite figure out how the hashbrowns had been cooked, it seemed like they were more like boiled smash potatoes, but they had great flavour. I wasn't asked how I wanted my egg cooked so I would have liked if the egg was firmer and didn't immediately burst all over my plate. The roasted vegetables were a mix of tomato, zucchini, eggplant, mushroom and beet which was a different but nice addition but the aged white cheddar was lost in the mix! The hollandaise was really good, overall a pretty good Benny. Next time though I think I have to get the salmon sandwich again though! Oh and the mango lassi is awesome I definitely recommend it!

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