Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moxies Classic Grill - 1010 Yates Street

We decided to check out Moxies since we were kinda close by and still too lazy to make even one meal at home this week. Moxies is downtown, but it has free parking so that makes me happy. I don't like this location as much as I used to like the one that was by Walmart, it's all way too skinny girls in way too short skirts and arrogant waiters. Fortunately for them they have the White Chocolate Brownie... otherwise I don't know if I'd ever go here.
We had had a snack at the mall earlier that day (well me a snack, James a whole meal) so we decided to have salads. They actually had a pretty nice selection of exciting looking salads so it was hard to decide! I usually find that even though a salad seems like a vegetarian option there is usually only one that doesn't automatically come with meat so I was excited to see a lot of options for me.
I decided on the Roasted Beet and Arugula Salad with roasted red and gold beets, goat cheese, toasted pine nuts with a sherry vinaigrette and baguette crisps and I added a grilled wild salmon. I've seen this salad on a lot of cooking shows lately, it seems to be the new in thing so I was curious to try it. I was very happy with my selection, I liked that there were the two types of beets and not too many to make it overwhelming. The arugula was a perfect choice to pair with it, and the goat cheese added a nice creamyness. I thought there could have been more goat cheese, but I do love it so. The baguette crisps were kind of weird but I still liked them, and the salad was dressed perfectly. It was a light dressing which allowed the flavours in the salad to stand out on their own which was nice. The salmon was good too, nothing that exciting but it added some protein to my meal which I probably needed.
Besides the lady across from me that stared while I ate it I really enjoyed it and would have it again!
James had the Sesame Thai Chicken Salad. It looked pretty much like it sounded, and came with banana bread which James enjoyed, and I would have not. He ate it pretty fast so I assume it was a hit. :)

Then it was time for dessert. When the waiter asked if we wanted to see the dessert menu I just grinned like a fool and nodded my head eagerly. I'm sure he's seen that look before though... Why do they ask if you want to see the dessert menu? They should just automatically bring it over. I'm sure more people would change their mind and have dessert it they were just given it to look at even if they thought they weren't going to have any. Especially here... once you read about the White Chocolate Brownie there really is no other choice. I didn't really have to look... but James was trying to decide. I told him not to be swayed but anything else, don't bother looking. In the end he took my advice and we both got ourselves the full version. I mean we'd had salads so we deserve this right?
It came with two scoops of french vanilla ice cream and whip cream on top. The waiter said they had just been baked fresh too, oh man I dived into that! It was everything I remembered it being and more. Thank you for not letting me down! I don't even really like white chocolate, but that part is more the brownie batter, it was large chunks of milky milk chocolate throughout it and that is my favourite part!
We were wrong to think we could each handle a full one, but you can't let goodness like that be wasted so we ate until we thought we'd be sick and it was so worth it!
Moxies I do like you, I just wish you weren't so pretentious looking and so far downtown. Ok it's only like 15 minutes but I really miss the old one!

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