Monday, August 23, 2010

Pink Bicycle - 1008 Blanshard Street

I ate here for the second time this weekend. We had to wait over 45 minutes to get in after being told it would be 15 - 20 minutes which sucked. But the sun was shining and there were seats outside to enjoy it on. The hostess was friendly and checked in on us so we felt we weren't forgotten. Once seated I decided to order the Black Bean Veggie burger again as it was so amazing last time I didn't want to risk being let down if I tried something new. Last time I ordered it with the Blue Buck beer onion rings which was a mistake. The batter had a weird light crispness to it that I've never had on an onion ring before, they tasted more like Funyions then what I was hoping for. James had the fries and the first time they were a little cold and soggy so that was disappointing as well.
This time though we both were smart to order the fries as they came out perfectly crispy the way I like them! They did lack seasoning though we found, luckily I ordered a side of roasted garlic mayo which made up for that. James had the rosemary gravy which was good but I couldn't have had too much of it as I found the rosemary to be a bit overpowering myself.
The burger was just as good as I remember it, a mix of spicy black bean patty, fruit salsa, smoked cheddar and jalapeno mayo made for a perfect combination of flavours! And the bun... on man the buns are amazing! From Bond Bonds Bakery next door they are the perfect consistently, tough but soft and holds up well to the burger without falling apart. We tried to buy some but I guess we were too late in the day and they were all snatched up.
The only thing I think that could be improved is the patty is way too big, it always falls out and I end up not eating a quarter of it as it's already fallen out of the bun but I still have enough left to enjoy it without being overpowered by black beans.
James had the Local Swine burger and enjoyed it so much he'd finished it before I had a chance to ask him what he thought! That's always a good sign!
I will definitely be returning again to try something new next time!

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  1. in retrospect, it was one of the best burgers i've ever had.