Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's jalapeño jelly time, jalapeño jelly time!

I must first say I really love how my spell checker adds the accent on jalapeño! It's way more fun that way!
So we made a batch of the jelly the other night and thought it seemed runny, but never having made jelly before we didn't know if it needed time to set. The next day it was still runny so James emptied out all the jars, re heated it and added more pectin and sealed them in the jars again. It's really James' jelly since my only contribution was getting the air bubbles out of the first batch. He fixed it and re did it all without my help. I was a little bitter as this was supposed to be our project and it turned into his. Though I figure now if it doesn't turn out he can also take the blame :P Lot's of people are looking forward to it so I hope it tastes ok and isn't too thick now from the added pectin! The samples I tried while we were making it had a nice mix of sweet and spicy so I'm excited to get some crackers and cream cheese and try it!

It's so hot out today all I want to do is hide inside while others are out bathing in it. Yesterday I did nothing I felt so guilty wasting a day off... I did clean the bathroom and have a nap so I guess that's something. Luckily that night I had plans to go out to dinner and see a movie with the girls, it had a/c and it forced me to get out.

Today James and I got going late but when we did I finally got my car washed (so it's going to rain tomorrow) and bought some groceries so we can start to have some healthier meals. I hate trying to meal plan for the week and figuring out what to buy... then having time to make it. I know though this is what needs to be done so we're not always eating out or reaching for the same pre made shit we always do. I'm hoping when James is off he'll have time to make us lots of delicious fresh food!!

Tonight Perry is coming down and the boys are having pulled pork sandwiches, I'm having a bbq salmon burger, then with it we're having a fennel and orange salad and bbq'ed potatoes... I'm so hungry for it already! We had a really good bbq feast on Friday too when my cousin came over to hang out, so I just want to keep enjoying it while it's nice out! Ok I guess summer is good for some things.... maybe we'll even hang out outside with James while he bbq's since we have chairs out there now. I wish we had our own patio area, the grass by the carport just doesn't really cut it. Our landlords have a beautiful backyard with tons of flowers but I feel weird going around the house to hang out in it because it seems like it's theres. Plus they are always out gardening or watering it, and then it's more awkward... and I have to make small talk.... ugh... I'll just hide away instead! My parents have an awesome backyard, it's nice and shady but gets some sun in the early morning/afternoon, and their deck is private with grape vines growing all around it, comfy chairs the rock back and forth, side tables, flowers, carpet... it's like an outdoor living room really. Whenever they are away I am tempted to go over and just hang out, turn up the Jammin' digital channel and chill out...

Well that's enough rambling about nothing for now... since Perry is coming over here's a tribute to him, the awesome female zombie finger puppet he got me. Horatio and the zombie are getting along pretty good... Horatio just knows to keep his distance...

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