Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lost in my own City/Pho Vy

I have lived in Victoria my whole life... 28 years this December... but I still get lost in this damn city! I forget which streets are one ways, how to get to Oak Bay, how to get out of Oak Bay... if it's not a place I've been to often chances are I'm iffy on how to get there. I lived in the same house for 20 years so for most of my life I only knew how to get to places from my parents house. Stick me anywhere else in town and ask me to go somewhere and chances are I'll make my way back to the route I know from my parents. Usually this made for the longest most confusing way to get to a place, but that's just what I knew. Since I've moved out and gotten to know different areas of town I'm getting a lot better but there are definitly some areas of town that I just haven't really been too a lot that I am hopless in. Like Oak Bay, James Bay, any Bay really... I'll drive until I find the water and take it until I recognize something.
The other day I was meeting James at the Jubilee Hospital after work. I work at UVIC so I thought no problem it'll be easy to get there. I have figured out taking Bay is the easiest way, but I remembered it's actually off of Richmond St and I knew that was close to UVIC. So I decided to be brave and find a new route... ya that didn't work out well. I didn't end up finding Richmond but I kept thinking well maybe it's just a little bit further until I got lost in who knows where. I finally got fed up and pulled out the gps, but it still thought it was in the USA so I got frustrated and started driving again. Then I found the road I was looking for but I guess I went the wrong direction because I ended up in a residential neigbourhood and then all of the sudden I was at the ocean. So I looped back around Dallas Rd until I found Cook, a familiar street and took it back to Bay. So basically I ended up going all the way around where I wanted to go to get there. By the time I got there James was ready to go...
Maybe I just need to explore more of this city. It's a small city but sometimes it feels too big. Sometimes I think this city thinks it's bigger then it is, or tries to be. All the people are starting to irritate me and the driving makes my road rage worsen everyday. When I get like this I wonder how I ever thought I'd survive living in London!

Anyways onto Part 2 - Pho Vy

So after that fun adventure we decided we needed some food in our guts otherwise the cranky factor was going to go off the charts! We wanted to try Saigon Night but it's closed for a month so we went back to our old standard Pho Vy. They actually have a veggie Pho there but you have to use a chicken or beef broth. I usually try and avoid these but I know most food is made with one of these so usually my love for food overtakes. It's so full of veggies, tofu and noodles plus everything I add into it even though I get the regular size I've never been able to finish a bowl. It was just what I need though when not feeling well, a bowl of delicious soup always helps! I also had vegetarian spring rolls to start and those were great as always, just what I've been craving! If you go you have to get the Vietnamese coffee with milk. It's strong and sweet and the best thing ever! It's always busy though so make sure you arrive early and are prepared to wait a little, don't worry they will get to you!
If you want a place with no frills were you can get some great food this is one of my favourite places!

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