Saturday, August 7, 2010

Falling down the rabbit hole

That's what my head has felt like for the past few days. I was sick with a sinus cold, then started to feel better and then I woke up and felt so dizzy I fell back onto my bed. I was so scared I didn't know what was going on. I probably freaked out more then I needed to but I knew it was a sign something was wrong and I didn't know what. I went to the clinic the next day and I have fluid in my ears that is making me feel off balance. My head feels foggy too, like I'm buzzed or something, it's not a fun feeling. I am going out tonight with some friends though, I feel like I've been in confinement the past few days so it'll be nice to get out and be around other people. See if I can be normal.
It gave me an excuse to neti pot again. I always mean to and forget. Then I was watching the Real World and they were doing it too and I knew it was a sign. I blew my nose after and my left ear got the crackly feeling which was exciting. I hope it means the fluid is disappearing! I will try and do it on a more regular basis and see if I start to see results.

James and I bought everything we need to make pickles, except the jars. Hopefully the pickling cucumbers will still be good when we finally get around to it. We need to buy more anyways, one little bag and we have like 5 gallons of pickling vinegar. Maybe we'll start it tomorrow... I'm excited to eat them when they're done but I'm afraid they won't be as good as I hope they will be.

It's finally raining which is great, though it's still muggy out which isn't. I think I'm done with summer, I never really embraced it this year. Sorry it didn't work out between us summer, maybe next year. I am ready for fall, and cooler weather, colourful leaves on trees and wearing pants and sweaters again. Every year I get excited for summer but sometimes I think it's just because I think I am supposed to but really I'd rather just stay in spring or fall. I don't really like winter though, icy roads and snow are not fun once you're grown up. You have responsibility and need to drive places and they get in the way. Snow was great when it meant a day off from school and playing in it all day. Now all I see is an annoying, scary, dirty, mushy mess. I hope we have another mild winter but who knows.
Ok talking about weather is boring... I thought there was something else I wanted to share... Well here are some pictures of meals I made months ago:

The salmon was baked with fresh dill and lemon. The green beans and asparagus was sautéed with some sliced garlic and olive oil, salt and pepper and finished with some parmesan. It was so simple but came out tasting amazing! The potato salad was stolen from Ina Garten:
I don't think I used buttermilk because I decided to make this after going grocery shopping so I just modified it with what I had. James doesn't like grainy mustard and even he liked it! Not enough to have leftovers, but that's my job I guess!

We also had some over priced buffalo mozzerella so I made a delicious salad with heirloom tomatoes, basil, s&p, olive oil and reduced balsamic glaze (Blaze).

This post is random, but so is my head these past few days! At least I got a few pictures up!


  1. ahh i want to make homemade pickles.

    and what is the rage about this neti pot thing? i think i may need one..

  2. Thanks for the comment Krista!! You're my first comment besides James this is so exciting!

    Neti pot is this plastic thing in the shape of a tea pot and you stick the spout up your nose and tilt it so it drains out the other side. It's kinda gross and feels weird yet it's satisfying at the same time!

  3. sounds like it would be pretty awesome when you have clogged up sinuses. and i will make sure to stop by here again. check out my blog if you have time and leave me a comment! :)

  4. Ya it definitely is.

    I was just checking out your blog and really enjoy your writing style and photos. I'll try and leave some comments! :)