Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let me count the ways I love you...

Happy Valentine's Day to all the Lovers out there!

This Valentine's day I am taking a moment to reflect and appreciate the love that I have. James is headed to Alberta in exactly two weeks from today and each day until then the reality of it will sink in a little bit more. He will be gone for three weeks and then back for one. It will be tough to be apart that long and then to make sure it's not forced in the small amount of time we have together. It's temporary and in the end it's for the better of our life together in the future. It's a sacrifice now so we can live the life we dream of. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and I think this is true as you are able to appreciate them more in the time you have them and not take what you have for granted everyday. This will also be a good time to help me rediscover myself and remind myself how to be independent and not reliant on someone else. Not that I don't love and appreciate everything James does for me, but you do lose a little of yourself being in a relationship as you conform to fit your life in with another person. It's good to have separate likes and hobbies and maybe this will be a time to remind myself of things I had forgotten I was interested in or enjoyed. I am looking at this as a positive for now, though I know there will be tears, many of them, but they are tears of a love that is not gone just a little further away.

I tried to start a list of reason I love you, but really there are too many to count and many I don't realize until I'm in the moment and you make me smile.

I love you.

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