Saturday, January 7, 2012

New year, new you?

The new year is always a time for re-invention. You can start over and be the person you always wanted to be! Yes it's just as easy as putting up a new calender.
Well until a few weeks later and you realized that actually everything is exactly the same as it was last year but you're just having to change a 1 to a 2.
It's been a long time since I've posted, was it because I didn't have much to say? I don't think so I think it's the act of writing down all the millions of things I have to say that's the hard part.
And my brain has been in overdrive for sure these past few months and this year I am focusing on calming it down and being more mindful of each moment.
I started my new year off with a bang that's for sure, jumping into the freezing cold Pacific Ocean will shock any system. To be honest it wasn't as shocking as I thought it would be, it was a really nice day, sunny, not too cold. We were in a cove that kept out the wind, it was perfect conditions. I'm sure if it was rainy and cold I would have complained a lot more!
This year I am trying to let myself live and stop getting hung up on sheltering myself from the world infront of the warm glow of my televison. While the tv will always be my first love I must learn that spending time apart is healthy and it will always be there waiting for me when I'm ready. But I don't need to feel chained to it or obligated to spend time with it, it's for pleasure not a chore.
The usual eat healthy, be more active goal is surfacing once again. This is one that is always on my mind but a new year is always a good time to remind myself of these goals and asses how I've done the previous year. I think I have been overall pretty good at trying to keep exercise in my weekly routine. While some weeks or months have been better then others I still know that I am doing leaps better then I was the year before that and even if I stray I will always find my way back eventually. I've tried many different types of excercise: gym workouts, weights, aquafit, zumba, Wii workouts, EA Sports Active, Biggest Loser DVDs, yoga.... it's just about finding something you enjoy and being able to balance it in your life so it's not a chore. That's the problem with working out, no matter how much you may enjoy the workout I know it's still not what I'd rather be doing. But then there are those moments when you feel this great sense, this rush or relief where your body thanks you for the workout, it's hard to describe but you'll know it when it happens. This is the feeling to hold onto and remember no matter what you are doing, how hard you are working out, it's all good for you and your body appreciates it.
I watched an interesting video on youtube that someone posted called "23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?" which I found really stuck with me. Can I limit my sitting to just 23 1/2 hours a day? Well sure of course I can is my first thought, but there are days when I don't that's for sure. I go from sleeping, to driving, then sitting in a desk, to driving home and then spending the night on the couch. Sure there are a few moments of standing in there but not that are helping my body. I just need to remember even if it's as little as walking or doing yoga for 1/2 hour it's still better then sitting doing nothing. It's not about the quantity of exercise but the quality, and at this point anything besides sitting is quality.

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