Thursday, December 16, 2010

Flying high

Ok I will start by mentioning I am a bad blogger... once again, and now we will move on!

Work is slow, painfully slow. The kind of slow that you are startled when someone actually comes in or the phone rings. What are you doing here? Or right we are a business and I am working... I forgot. I could be productive, but with the holidays a week away who is doing that anyways?
I am eyeing someone outside our shop right now that is reading posters in the window and just praying they keep moving along. I'm sorry, I am too un-motivated to help you today. Try me again in the morning, but by the afternoon it's hopless!

I have most of my Christmas shopping done, not that I have too much to do. Just family that don't really need anything or want anything but you feel obligated to get them something. I bought one gift the other day, a cook book, just to flip through it and realize that they have already cooked things in the book. Hmmm so now do I return it or keep it for myself? Maybe I'll just wrap it and put it under the tree for me. I can pretend to be all surprised and thank myself. Ok maybe not.

I hate the last weekend before Christmas crunch though... every year it gets me! I know I wasn't prepared this year so I was at least prepared for not being prepared? But how do you shop for someone who just buys everything they want as soon as it comes out cuz they can't wait (cough, cough, James!) Or parents that don't really need anymore useless stuff? I try to be thoughtful and come up with creative ideas... but then I remember I'm not actually creative I just wish I was.

We got back from Maui the other week and had a fabulous time seeing all the sights and soaking in the sun on our way to them. I started thinking about my evolution of travel. I used to get so excited for trips, not able to sleep the night before, waking up with butterflies. Now I'm tense worrying about getting to the airport on time, will there be a line up, what's happening with the weather? I am a person that likes to be on time or late... I don't like waiting for other people so I'd rather be late then wait for you. But then I always feel guilty about being late as if this isn't normally like me. So getting to the airport early pains me, but it helps relieve my stress at the same time. Though once I am checked in and waiting at the gate all I can think is I didn't need to be here this early!

I'm hit or miss on enjoying the actual flight experience. Usually I just sit there doing nothing and zone out or sleep hoping for it to be over. I used to read or try and watch things but something about flying makes me so sleepy as soon as I pick up my book I'm nodding off. Sometimes I'll just pretend I'm sleeping so people don't think I'm weird for just sitting there and staring at the air.
But then the beverage cart comes down the aisle and I try to play it cool as I wasn't anxiously awaiting my turn to order my drink. I always go with tomato juice. I don't know why but it's my flying drink of choice. I saw someone order it years ago and I was like are you serious we can actually order tomato juice this is great! I couldn't believe the selection they have! I mean really you could get away with 3 choices and I'm sure people would still be happy... oh wait who am I kidding people are never happy, especially with too few choices.

I never want to have pop while flying it makes me too gassy and that is the last thing you want when squished in between two strangers.

I do normally enjoy Clamato or Cesaers so maybe that's why I like to order tomato juice, it's a slightly different option of something I enjoy. Sometimes I'll switch it up with an orange juice or water if I forgot to bring my own. Why order water when there's so many other great options?

Ice or no ice? That's also a dilema I go back and forth on.

On our flight to Maui we got free Mai Tai's which was pretty exciting as well as this stuff called POG. I think it was Pineapple, Orange and Guava? It's was delicious! James didn't know what a Mai Tai was so I think he was disapointed when he first tried it until I let him know there was alcohol in it... then he enjoyed it enough to buy two 1.75litres at Costco! Yum!

I don't like to drink too much on the flight though because unless I'm in the aisle seat I try and avoid going to the washroom. Especially if there are strangers beside you and you need to wait until they are done their drink/meal/nap for them to move.
Once I was on an international flight with an elderly nun sitting in the aisle. She was wheeled onto the flight in wheel chair... let me tell you that was an uncomfortable flight! I think I made her get up once but near the end of the flight I decided to just hold it since we were so close. But I forgot that she was in a wheelchair until the stewardress came up and told her just to wait until everyone is off the plane and then they will come and get her. What? I couldn't wait that long! I think I ended up jumping over her and apologizing...

Another time I was stuck on a different international flight in the middle seat in a row of three... who booked that? I was inbetween two larger people that were missionaries travelling together. Luckily they left me alone. I remember watching Million Dollar Baby struggling to stay awake. I fell asleep before the part where she hits her head... and I'm pretty sure I drooled on the person beside me. How are you supposed to sleep sitting up? Well I guess I managed it.

I also get excited about the meals. I know everyone hates airline food, and I'm not saying it's that great either. But you're stuck on a plane for 7 or more hours, besides arriving at your destination there's not much else to look forward to. It's always eager anticipation, what will they serve? I alway get my meal first as a vegetarian which is fun... yet awkward when everyone else is starting at you anxious for their meal and wondering why you're so special.
Sometimes the meals are pretty decent, and you get a salad, dessert, fruit... sometimes I think vegetarians get the shaft. They just throw something together, and then we get fruit instead of the declicious looking brownie everyone else has. Hey I like chocolate too! Fruits nice, but honestly come on who wouldn't pick the brownie if you have a choice? I'm not a vegan!

When I went to Tokyo I was lucky enough to fly business class on the way there. I ordered champagne right away to feel fancy. Then I realized it was an international flight and alcohol was free so anyone could order champagne. But I also got free slippers! I remember something about a chocolate cart but that part is foggy. The seats were big and roomy which was a downside because I was so comfortable I fell asleep and missed all the exciting things that are included in business class. But I guess getting a good sleep is the point, but I wanted to soak it all in! On the return we were stuck in the bulkhead seat at the front with a wall infront of us and babies beside. That was when I wish I could have fallen alseep and missed it! We called this a mullet ticket, business on the way there, economy on the way back... ah yeah I still giggle at that one.

So that's my airline rant... I could go on and on, but luckily most stories get lost in my head and only poke out at random times.

I wish I had an iphone 4 because I'm convinced I would be taking pictures all the time and blogging them. I feel like I've also mentioned this before. We know what I'm wishing for this year! And I'm guessing I am being over ambitious on my wishing as well!

Ok well there's something for anyone that still even bothers so check this anymore! I'm sorry and I can't promise I'll be any better in the future! But this won't be the last from me!

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