Tuesday, November 23, 2010

sNOw thank you!

Dear Snow,

I do not enjoy you, you are not my friend. We used to be friends when I was younger. I would get excited at the sight of you slowly falling from the sky, covering the ground and creating a winter wonderland. I would dig out my crazy carpet and spend hours going down the hill in front of our house. Building snowmen and snow angels. My friends would come over and we'd build igloos to hide in and have snow ball fights with the other kids on the street. We'd through snowballs for the dogs to chase. School would be cancelled and we'd have all day to enjoy you and then go inside and warm up by the fire with hot chocolate

Those were the good times snow....

Now that I am grown up it just means having to go out in the freezing cold with clothes that usually aren't winter appropriate and scrapping my car with the crappy little scrapper I have because I refuse to believe I will need more then that. Then I sit and wait in the freezing cold for my car to finally warm up. Then the real fun starts as I ease my way slowly out onto the roads terrified of slippery ice patches. Other cars are driving dangerously fast and close and now I'm more afraid that they will crash into me. In double the time it takes me normally I arrive at my destination and now have to walk through a soggy dirty mess. I don't own appropriate snow shoes or jackets anymore so I'm wearing whatever I could dig up and probably look pretty ridiculous. Once I am inside I try to thaw out and dry off but there's no hot fire or cocoa waiting for me. I'm at work and there's just people demanding my time when I'd rather be home curled up on the coach.

Oh snow... it just isn't the same... though I must admit seeing you all bright and beautiful after the first snow fall does melt my heart a little bit.

....but please don't stay for long...

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  1. Love this post. It reflects you so beautifully in wonderful prose. My favorite thing I've read in forever. Love you.